Day 5 of No School – COVID-19 Pandemic

The kids are bored. The novelty of Roblox, face-timing friends and Netflix has started to wear off. We’re all healthy so we can’t complain. Boredom can be cured, can’t it?

Time to learn!

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Alberta jumped up by 49 today, making the grand total in Alberta 195, and a total of 1087 in all of Canada. As a family we’re still trying to wrap our head around the magnitude of this, as well as determine our new-normal. School, work from home, no extra curricular activities.

Patience is essential if I’m going to survive this. Whistling, humming, and baby talk to the cats, three of my least favorite things, and that’s just from Clive. Lol!

Not much to say today, other than we’re healthy and we’re officially on spring break. Definitely not what we had planned, but given everything happening in the world today, we’re fortunate… fingers crossed things stay the same! Stay well!

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