Distance Learning

This is a short post because I’m dying to put my feet up, drink my blueberry ginseng tea and watch tv.

Today was my first class video conference call and while I do believe it was a success, chatting with 29 students, at once, is tiring. My goal for the video call was to engage in face to face conversation with every student, and fill them in on a few things. I do believe the chat was successful, it’s just going to be a whole new technological experience, even for me who loves tech. It was wonderful to see everyone’s faces and to hear their voices. Some kids are content, but many are bored. Some were eager to do the work assigned earlier this week, some wanted more, while a few wanted less.

Moving forward I’m organizing 7 group chats with my class a week, to start. An optional class chat to kick off the week and then smaller literacy and numeracy meetings throughout the week where I can work with smaller groups, deliver lessons and offer support. As time passes, these group chats could turn into more, or less. Whatever they need, I’ll be here to support.

What I’ve realized so far is that most students want reassurance. Reassurance that they’re doing the right thing, reassurance that they’ll be okay. I surveyed the class to see how many parents were still working, and the number was high. Many of these kids are facing this distance learning journey alone.

As a teacher and a mother, I admit I’m struggling to ensure my own children do a thorough job with their distance learning. Balancing 29 students remotely, leaves little time to teach my own kids. Needless to say, lots of emotions. We chatted as a family tonight and together figured out a plan for tomorrow, a plan that will hopefully better support their distance learning needs and my ‘new job’.

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