The Sable Islands

A short distance from where the Rainy River meets the southeastern part of Lake of the Woods lies a secret gem, The Sable Islands. The Sandhills, a nickname given by the locals, is approximately 10km long and sits on the border of Canada and the United States. The eastern islands rest on Canadian waters, while the western islands rest on that of the USA.

With the temperature pushing 30 degrees during our visit to Rainy River, my parents hired a local guide to take us down the river and across the lake to visit the Sandhills. During our adventure we saw upwards of a 100 pelicans, a handful of eagles, deer tracks and sturgeon jumping in the lake.

When we first arrived, we explored part of the island hoping to find a treasure. The scenery felt like we were on a tropical island, not Canada. Soft plush sand, long secluded beach and waves crashing into the shore. What else do you need?

The north wind brought in 3-4 foot waves making the sandbar feel deeper than reality. The funniest moment for me was when three waves hit Clive in a row and knocked the poor guy over. Lol! We all looked like drowned rats after over an hour of waves.

While our time at the Sandhills was short, it was memorable and definitely somewhere we hope to go back to one day. Thanks, Mom and Dad for making it possible!

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