Swimming at the Gravel Pit

During our visit to Northwestern Ontario last week, we were fortunate to be able to visit close family and enjoy some great conversations. With the temperature still hovering in the high 20s, we decided to head to the local gravel pit for a dip.

It’s been 25 years since I was last at the North Branch Gravel Pit and my memory of when I was, is limited. When we walked down into the pit and approached the water, I was surprised with how clear the water was and how refreshing it looked.

While I admit, I only waded in the water to my knees, Clive, JT and the other boys, were quick to jump in.

With the heat upon us, I could see the envy in Cara’s eyes and within minutes, Clive had convinced her to walk out further. To her surprise, he dunked her when she was close enough. Cara loved it and had no qualms of swimming in her clothes. Now, had JT dunked her, the ending would’ve been different. Go figure!

Why dive when you can roll into the pit!

Thanks to our North Branch cousins for sharing this hidden gem with us!

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